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Expert Haircuts and Styling in London

When you want a hairstyle that suits your look and also works with your wishes and lifestyle, you need an excellent hairstylist from the best hair stylist in London. Look no further, Sergio is just the solution you are looking for.

He will work with you to create a style that enhances your look and gives your hair depth and volume.

Whether you want a slight trim to maintain the length and look of your hair, or whether you want to stay on-trend and look style your hair like your favourite celebrity, Sergio is here to understand you and give you exactly what you want.

Creative Director Sergio Giannasso is passionate and wants all of his clients to look and feel fabulous with their new hair colour or haircut. Be it full head colouring or half head, light highlighting or root retouch, whatever you want to do, he will go out of our way to make you look great and feel beautiful!

Book Your Hair Cut Consultation

Whilst hair stylists in London are many, Sergio has decades of experience and exposure to different kinds of hair and variety of hair problems. Book a free consultation, and know that your hair is in the safest hands. 

So, get ready to take some time out, relax and enjoy being pampered.